Monday, November 16, 2009

Why buy real UGG® boots?

'Tis the season for one of our fastest selling holiday items- classic boots from UGG® Australia! Just imagine your loved ones expression when they slip into a luxurious pair of sheepskin UGG® boots! They'll know that you took the time to pick out a gift that is comfortable, personal and incredibly thoughtful.

When your friend or family member puts a pair of UGG® boots on their Christmas list, you may be wondering if they are really worth the expense. Why not just buy a pair of knock off UGG® boots since they look about the same? Here are a few reasons why genuine UGG® boots are so worth it:
  1. Twin- faced, grade A sheepskin. This means that the sheepskin is a single piece of material with the sheepskin on one side and the sheep fur on the other. Cheap knockoffs are usually two pieces of substandard sheepskin or synthetic materials that are joined together to look like one piece. These imitations will not be as soft or as durable as the high quality used by UGG® Australia.
  2. Moisture control. The genuine sheepskin also wicks moisture away from your feet to keep you warmer in cold weather and cooler in warm temperatures. With fake boots you will just feel wet and sticky and will probably stink.
  3. Attention to details. The UGG® Australia company takes great pride in all of the tiny details that go into their boots, like precise stitching, straight seams and a flawless finish. Counterfeiters and imitators have a much lower standard in an effort to churn out the cheapest and fastest product possible.
  4. The UGG® Australia warranty. Other companies selling fake or knockoff boots most likely won't be offering you a 1 year limited warranty. UGG® Australia guarantees their product for defects not caused by normal wear and tear. You can make your purchase with confidence!
Whether you are looking for a Classic Tall, a Bailey Button boot, a Scuff or Scuffette slipper, you will be able to find your size and color at The Denim Shop! Feel free to give us a call at 888-952-2251 or email us at with any questions about your purchase!

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