Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ed Hardy Keeps Going Strong!

Hotter than ever, Ed Hardy continues to maintain it's place as a fashion leader. Their license has been seen on nearly every celebrity and every type of product imaginable making Ed Hardy a must-have. You may not want to jump onto the Ed Hardy bandwagon with both feet, but you can start small with an Ed Hardy tee like those available at The Denim Shop. We've shopped for stylish yet budget friendly tees in bold prints and bright colors so that you will get the most Ed Hardy for your money. You'll love the Vegas inspired design of the Love is a Gamble tee for women as well as the Gothic Pirate Skull tee for men with it's flat and metallic screen print. Look for caps and new t-shirt styles to be added soon!
Ed Hardy fragrances are another great way to spice things up! Their fragrances have just the right balance of light and dark to wear year round. Our favorite is their Life, Love, Luck perfume with it's light floral, citrus overtones and warm, soulful background notes. You're destined to fall in love with at least one of them!

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Bailey Button by Ugg- 2009's Hottest Ugg!

Coming Fall 2009 is the Bailey Button Boot by Ugg! It is destined to be THE Ugg for Fall with it's innovative design and vast array of colors. This chic little boot combines the sheepskin construction of the Classic Short with the button down design of the Classic Cardy. Available in chestnut, chocolate, black, sand and gray, the Bailey Button is the perfect choice for spicing up your Ugg Collection with a great every day style. You'll also have the benefit of being the first to own this brand new style that is pleasantly priced at only $150! At The Denim Shop we love the Bailey Button and hope to have the first shipment ready in August! Call us at 1-888-952-2251 if you'd like to reserve a pair today!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Off Your Wild Side with Volatile Footwear!

Young, bold and funky are just a few adjectives that we would use to describe the wild Volatile Footwear brand. If you're looking for a chunky, statement shoe, look no further because Volatile definitely fits the bill. With flirty animal prints, chunky sequins and dazzling metallics, Volatile shoes are not for wallflowers; you will definitely be noticed (and envied)! We love that we can turn to these shoes whenever we're wearing jeans that need a little extra height. They always give just the right amount of lift while adding a huge amount of style and bling to jeans, capris and shorts!
New styles for summer 2009 include the Latrell Thong which is available in both leopard and zebra prints and features large round and heart shaped sequins and the Rose Thong with is a metallic bronze shoe with bronze colored stones. There's definitely a spot in your wardrobe for each pair!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Trend in Jeans- Organic Denim

Although the green movement has been around for decades, it has just recently been elevated from a small cult following of politicians, celebrities and "hippies" (for lack of a better word) to a mainstream movement. At The Denim Shop we do our best to recycle and reuse when possible and believe that being green is something anyone can aspire to on whatever level is comfortable for them.
Green, organic clothing is a fairly new concept in maintaining an earth friendly lifestyle. Organically made clothing can fit into several categories. Some organic clothing is simply made from organic materials such as cotton which has been grown free from chemical pesticides and with earth friendly farming techniques. Other clothing is organically treated, using as few chemicals as possible during it's processing so that neither you or the earth is absorbing chemicals that are unnecessary.
In recognition and support of those embracing cleaner lifestyles, we have gradually started adding organic denim to our assortment of jeans. You will notice these denims are darker in color since they have not had the amount of chemical processing and fading that is used on most denim. The denim is soft and comfortable like other denim, but seems to hold it's shape better since it's fibers have not been weakened by chemicals.
Currently, we offer organic denim from MEK and !iT Jeans, but will be looking to add more brands in the near future.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yellow Box delivers big for Summer!

Yellow Box shoes continue to sell to customers of every age, fashion style and social class. Here are our top 5 reasons why every woman needs at least 1 pair of Yellow Box shoes:
  1. You can easily draw more attention to your high priced salon pedicure with a pair of inexpensive Yellow Box shoes!
  2. Light weight, soft foam soles offer comfort for the weary summer traveller making these a no-brainer for vacations and weekend getaways.
  3. More like an accessory than a shoe, Yellow Box adds the perfect amount of bling to your wardrobe with sequins, rhinestones, metallics, animal prints, and bright colors.
  4. With such an incredible price, you can buy several pair and update your summer shoe wardrobe on even the tightest budgets!
  5. Yellow Box Envy is a common phenomenon; be the envied, not the envier! Most people become Yellow Box customers after seeing them on a friend.
Whatever your reason for choosing Yellow Box, we are confident that you will not be able to stop at one pair!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One of summers hottest trends...the Maxi Dress!

One item no closet should be without this summer is the Maxi Dress or Patio Dress. This 60's inspired look comes in many colors, prints and styles so there something for everyone. The incredibly versatile Maxi Dress can be worn to a casual pool party with sandals and chunky jewelry, to a summer wedding with a cropped cardigan and a heel or to work with a jacket. However you choose to wear it, we're confident that you'll be able to get a lot of use out of it this season.

A welcomed change from the mini dresses of seasons past, the Maxi Dress offers a more flattering alternative for those of us without perfect figures. If you're petite, you can easily alter a straight hemmed Maxi Dress as long as you get one without special details around them bottom. An empire waist will also give you the illusion of being taller by adding visual inches to your stature. These dresses also work wonders on curvy figures when you opt for a slimmer cut, avoiding excess fabric. Don't underestimate the importance of a dress with a defined waistline if you have a plus size figure; you don't want too look like you're wearing a potato sack.
At The Denim Shop you can find Maxi dresses from LAMade, My Michelle and Lani in solids and prints.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The answer to a jean lover's prayers!

Do you ever see something new at the store and think, "Duh, why didn't I think of that? I'd be rich!" That's what we thought when we first saw the Invisibelt, an amazing piece of piece of plastic that will change the way you see yourself, literally!
Most women face the dilemma, to belt or not to belt? Do we want wear a belt to keep our jeans in place, but suffer the effects of belt bulge or do we want to spend the entire day hitching our pants up and gapping when we bend over? The Invisibelt provides a solution that will definitely make your life easier.
This slim plastic belt slips easily into your belt loops while the clasp lays seamlessly against your waistband. Under your favorite tees, tanks and sweaters, the Invisibelt keeps you looking smooth and free from belt buckle bulge. Feel free to squat, bend over, fight crime... whatever you need to do without the fear gapping and overexposure!
You may feel a little silly putting on a plastic belt, but once you smooth your top over this little miracle product, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! At only $19.99 you can order one for everyone in the family at The Denim Shop!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shorts are the perfect accessory for summer!

This season shorts are available in every possible length at The Denim Shop! We still love the knee length bermuda/walking short because it looks good on almost any body type and it is incredibly versatile. You don't have to be super tan to wear this style and can feel confident that it will cover up the cellulite that so many of us have on our thighs!
At The Denim Shop you can find both dressy and casual styles as well as bermuda shorts that will go both ways. The Big Star Alexa Short shown here has a frayed edges and is perfect for watching a baseball game, going to the beach or having a backyard barbecue. If you want a dressier style, !iT Jeans offers the Penny Short and the Monica Trouser Twill Short. Just pair these styles with a feminine blouse and heels, sandals or flats and you'll have a fabulous look perfect for a day of shopping or a semi-casual date.
Shorter shorts are available from Roxy and See Thru Soul with a variety of inseams. They are great choice when you want something light and casual to keep you cool on a sultry summer day. No matter what style you choose, The Denim Shop will keep you looking your best all season long!

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How to Care for Denim

Laundromat in Toronto, CanadaImage via Wikipedia

How To Care for Denim

Because all denim is colored by an indigo dye process, some amount of fading will take place with laundering. The best way to maintain the dark color of your favorite jeans is to send them to the dry cleaners, but that can get expensive. Here are a few other tips that we hope will slow the process without the pricey dry cleaning bill. If you have tips you would like to share, please email them to us so that we can post them.

1. Simply turning your jeans inside out before washing will cut down on the friction created by the agitator. This will help keep your jeans from wearing down prematurely.

2. Limit the number of jeans in the washer to 3-4 pair, depending on size so that they aren't packed too tightly. Denim is heavy and too many jeans in the washer at one time can hurt the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Use other lighter weight clothing items to fill the remainder of the washing machine.

3. If your jeans have a lot of destruction like holes and grinding, you may want to wash on the delicate cycle to keep the holes from growing.

4. Wash in cold or warm water (check the label first) and avoid using bleach. Some companies are now making detergent specifically for darker colors which might be helpful when washing your dark denim. Really dark denim may need to be washed prior to wearing so that the indigo dye doesn't rub off on you or your other clothing. Often, these jeans have a label recommending that they should be washed first.

5. To avoid wrinkles, remove promptly from the washing machine. Turn the jeans right side out. Zip and button jeans and then hang with a two clip pant hanger clasping the waist. We recommend hanging to dry to avoid the extra wear and tear of the dryer and to keep jeans from shrinking. Although, if shrinking is the desired effect, then go ahead and toss them into the dryer.

6. ALWAYS read the label inside your jeans before laundering. Because of embellishments used on some jeans, they may be strictly "dry clean only". We try to post on each item page whether or not a jean is machine washable.

7. Jeans are often prewashed in the factory to achieve the desired color. However, it's always a good idea to wash your jeans before having them altered so your new pair of 7's won't turn into high water pants after their first trip through the washing machine!

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