Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Score Bella's Jacket from Twilight!

Twilight Jacket in Lake Blue by BB Dakota/Jack

Love the movie Twilight? Can't get enough of Bella's style? Well, now you can score Bella's casual style with BB Dakota's hooded cargo jacket! That's right ladies, this is THE jacket featured in Twilight. When BB Dakota saw Kirsten Stewart wearing their jacket in them movie Twilight, they knew that by remaking this style, they would have a sure fire hit! Many sites have presold the Twilight jacket with unbelievable success due to the incredible teen phenomenon that is Twilight.

Shown here in Lake Blue, the hooded cargo style has pockets for all of your stuff, a super soft fleeced lining and a hood for windy days. This medium weight jacket is perfect for fall in the north or winter in the southern states. It's the style you'll want to grab on the way out of the door when heading to work, school or to the mall. The Lake Blue color compliments just about any shade of denim or khaki pants so you will get a lot of use from this single purchase.

Make your friends green with envy when you wear your own "Twilight" jacket from BB Dakota. Sorry ladies, Robert Pattinson is not included! You'll have to find your own sparkly vampire!

For information, click here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Angel Wing Jeans from Miss Me!

This season is all about that edgy 80's rock and roll vibe with funky plaids, vests, damaged denim, bomber jackets and lots of layers so you'll definitely want a jean that will totally rock this look. In our opinion, one of the jeans that best embodies this look is Miss Me's new Angel Wing Jean. The dark wash denim has a unique angel wing design on the back yoke made in black and silver and highlighted with large clear rhinestones. Additional rhinestones line the top of the flap pockets to give this look just the right amount of bling.

Pair this jean with a plaid Dollhouse top, an 80's rock band tee from Junkfood or a funky Vintage Havana shirt. BCBGirl's Silk Western Boot in Black is the perfect finish for your blinged out 80's look.

Other jeans that we'd recommend for this look include anything by Sang Real or Rock Revival and Miss Me's Flap Pocket Bootcut Jean With Black Lace.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BCBGirl Silk Western Boots

Need a hot boot to go with this season's plaid and flannel tunics? We love the new Silk Mid-Calf Boot by BCBGirls. Wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, a skirt or whatever makes you feel good. Available in both black and tan, the Silk Boot has just enough western feel to satisfy both the covergirl and the cowgirl with ease. The thicker heal adds comfort and makes this such an easy to wear boot while the scrunching gives them a little extra style. Just imagine them with leggings and a belted tunic or a bare legged with a shirt dress.

Click here to learn more.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fall Handbag Preview from Melie Bianco

elie Bianco has a sophisticated fall line of handbags and totes that add style with a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Because Melie Bianco so effortlessly conveys an air of class while staying completely on trend, they are one of my favorite mid priced handbag lines. They are also featured frequently in key fashion magazines including People Style Watch, Lucky, Life & Styles and Seventeen.
This synthetic leather bag has a unique, square lucite handle in a tortoise pattern and a feminine ruffled edge. It's the perfect size for toting to work, the mall or when going out to dinner and it's luscious red wine color will make your friends green with envy.

We also love the Double Zipper Flat Tote that has been featured in People's Style Watch, Self and Woman's World magazines. At 18" tall and 15" wide, this mid sized handbag is the perfect size and shape to carry just about anywhere. Similar to a bowler, but updated with fun zippers and a shoulder strap, Melie Bianco's tote is totally on trend. Wear with denim or accessorize a suit with this sleek silhouette.

New fall styles are arriving weekly at The Denim Shop!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Denim Trends to Avoid in 2009/2010!

Run, don't walk away from these denim disasters and debacles! Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for alliteration's sake, it seemed appropriate. Since writing the blog post on Denim trends for fall 2009, it made sense to also address our least favorite denim trends for Fall. I admit that some of these trends can be tamed and altered until they are more flattering- like the Boyfriend Jean. Honestly, it took me a while to warm up to the boyfriend jean, but most of that was due to the over sized, sloppy way that several celebrities wore it in the beginning. Since then, it definitely has evolved into something that has it's place for the time being. Is there a denim trend that keeps you up at night or makes you cringe as you look through the pages of your favorite celebrity magazine? Let your opinion be known and add a comment below.
  • Double Denim- The first faux pas came from an article on talking about the no-no of doubling and tripling your denim. Now my love for denim is not linked to the bottom half of my body- I love denim in many forms, but one at a time please! Ever since it's resurgence in the 80's, concept of doubling up on denim has always been difficult for me to understand- how do you make it work? Christina Ricci adds to her 80s vibe (not in a good way) with her hoodie popping out of the top of her jean jacket while Pete Wentz' bowtie, denim jacket and gray jean fiasco's only redeeming factor is that he's going to the Kid's Choice Awards.
  • Acid wash- While I love a lighter wash jean, seriously- I am wearing a pair of lighter wash Big Star Livs as I type, those on the verge or even crossing over the line to acid wash are just too much. On the wrong person, they can look like a couple of dancing turkey sausages. Basic light wash jeans can be flattering especially in a bootcut or wider leg fit. However, skinny bleached out denim is best left to teens who are can get by with this young, skinny look. Lindsey Lohan definitely draws attention to her well-toned legs with her acid wash jeans and contrasting black top & ankle boots, but that kind of attention doesn't look good on everyone. If you enjoy this look, avoid wearing them too tight as lighter washes tend to accentuate bulges while darker washes camouflage them.
Let us know what you think? Are these hits or misses? More blunders to come soon. For the latest denim trends and always in style jean choices, visit us at The Denim Shop.
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Budget Friendly Denim Brands

Premium denim has it's pluses and minuses- they have a great fit, quality Italian and Japanese denim, and let's face it, their name stitched on the backside, but they also come with a hefty price tag. Why denim prices continue to climb in the midst of a struggling economy, eludes me, but I suppose some of it has to do with the increased price of supplies, the shrinking value of the dollar and good old American desire to make a buck.
Less expensive brands like Silver Jeans, See Thu Soul, !iT Jeans and the ever so thrifty Dollhouse Jeans are some of our favorite choices for adding great style and fantastic fits at reasonable prices.

See Thru Soul
Prices - $54- 78 - A huge variety of styles to fill your need for both basic and trendy denim!

Silver Jeans
Prices- $60-80 range. Silver Jeans offer amazing fits, an extensive selection of sizes and a fun, vintage look. Two main fits - original and red label are available in several variations.

!iT Jeans
Price- $50-80 range. One of our best-selling brands has fits to flatter a plethora of figures, including the Hottie, Diva, Belle and Rising Starlet. Many of their fits are available in a variety of inseams, colors and fabrics.

Dollhouse Jeans-
Our best value at $45-60. Spice things up with Dollhouse's trendy mix of jeans, pants and tops at unbeatable prices!

Other brands with styles under $100 are Lucky Brand, Big Star, Level 99, Cult of Individuality, LTB, Miss Me and Sang Real.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fall 2009 Denim Trends!

Laundry dayImage by LeRamz via Flickr

As an avid denim fan and denim buyer for The Denim Shop, I see a lot of jeans, but this coming fall season definitely stretches the limits of denim. After looking at 1000's of pairs of jeans for fall and finding motivation to blog from Seventeen Magazine's Fall Denim Preview (August 2009), I've narrowed the styles down to my favorite All-American Girl must-have jeans for Fall. If you have a favorite that didn't make the list, let your voice be heard by adding a comment below.
  • Boyfriend & Cropped Jeans- Summer's trendy Boyfriend Jean still continues to be a hot look for fall and has led to a the reemergence of more fitted cropped jeans. This streamlined style can hold up to more voluminous tops and bigger layers than the relaxed boyfriend jean which looks better with slim tees, tucked in tops and sleek blouses.
  • Bootcut- This look never goes out of style. The Bootcut Fit just keeps getting revamped through more current washes and more modified pocket treatments. This season continue to look for bold stitching, both dressy and damaged washes, dark denim and unique pockets.
  • Bleached and Colored Denim- Although these are not necessarily my favorites, they will definitely give your wardrobe a young, funky boost and can be integrated into your eclectic mix of rock tees, hoodies and cardigans. These 80's inspired jeans have been on the verge of a comeback for at least 2 seasons now, but they are finally making a statement for fall.
  • Skinny Jeans- This trend has gone from fad to to fashion mainstay with fits that flatter a variety of body types. That's right- skinny jeans are not just for skinny bodies! Just make sure that the waistband is high enough to prevent bulging above the belt and balance curvier figures with tunic tops and fitted layers.
  • Denim Leggings- This is one style I had to think about for a while. Staring at you on the rack, they are not the most attractive looking jeans, but throw them on with a tunic and a fabulous pair of boots and they look super cool. A zippered ankle adds a little more edge.
Make all of these styles your own with great accessories like bright belts, ankle boots, sporty kicks, flats, graphic tees, cardigans, blazers or whatever your style commands! This fall season is all about denim so embrace it!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Understanding Denim Fabric Content

Understanding fabric content can be an important key to deciding what size to order or how to launder your jeans. There are many types of denim available, but we will discuss a few of the most common.

100% Cotton- Also called Rigid Denim, there are still a few fans of the all cotton denim. They are structured jeans that lack the maneuverability of jeans with a stretch agent. They still have their place for the customer who wants a no nonsense fit.

Cotton/Stretch Blends- Most jeans are a blend of cotton and some form of stretch such as elastane, spandex, or lycra. The addition of stretch gives you a more comfortable fit and a more durable fabric. Most of these jeans will stretch out over time. Simply washing and drying them in the dryer will normally shrink them back to size. Just be careful not to dry them at too high of a temperature or you will have smaller jeans than you started with. More premium jeans like Paige Premium Denim or 7 for All Mankind have more "memory", meaning that you can wear them a few more times before they start to stretch. We prefer to buy this fabrication with a snug fit to allow for a little stretching.

Polyester Blends- Some brands like Paige, !iT Jeans and Silver Jeans have added polyester to their fabric mix. The addition of polyester offers several benefits including longer lasting color, shorter drying times, and more durable fabric. Also, they are more wrinkle resistant than cotton/spandex blends; you can usually wear them right out of the dryer. Polyester also allows the jean to have more gripping power so it fits better to start and keeps it's shape longer. Keep this in mind when choosing your size- don't buy them tight with the hopes that they will stretch.

Tencel Blends- Tencel is an all-natural fabric that wicks moisture away from the body keeping you cool and dry on warm days and warm and dry on cold days. Tencel allows the denim manufactures to give new, smoother textures to their jeans. It can be found mainly in jeans from Level 99.

We hope this helps and will make your denim buying decisions a little easier the next time.

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