Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Your Grandma's Wrap...

Over the years, grannies have given the wrap a bad wrap...sorry about the pun! When we think of a wrap, we think of a multi-colored crocheted top, slung on the shoulders or our elderly great aunt. Today's wraps, however, are denim friendly and more figure flattering than the ones of yesterday.

The new wraps have sleeves and seams that are more fitted to your body. This slims you and avoids a bulky, unflattering look. It is made more feminine by the extra wrap fabric drapes in the front. Details like fringe and trendy fabrics are what really separate these from the old school wraps because they give them a young and trendy personality.

One tip to make the most out of this look, is to watch out for styles that are short in the back and long on the sides. If you are comfortable with your behind then these are fine, but if you prefer to camouflage your rear, avoid this shape. This style tends to draw a frame around your behind which is great if you want to show off your denim, but not if your want to minimize the size of your behind. I came to this realization standing behind a plus size woman at the grocery store.

Grab a new wrap when you go to the movie theater or a chilly restaurant. Wear with denim and your favorite tee or try a long tee, jeggings and boots for a chic look.

For more wrap selections, follow this link.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Twist on !iT Jean's Diva Jean!

One of our all time, best selling jeans is the Diva Jean by !iT Jeans. The fantastic curvy fit has been a customer favorite for years now because it not only accommodates your curves, it makes them look even better! Over the years !iT has developed a few fashion versions of the Diva Jean like the La Diva Trouser and the Diva capris.

This season they've added the Diva Chic which is a flap pocket version. Anytime a company adds a well designed flap to the back of a pair of jeans, it's a huge hit. We're just wondering why they didn't think of this perfect combination sooner!

The flap pockets are squared off with a flap that is slightly darker than the rest of the denim. They are embroidered with the classic !iT Jeans design. They compliment a curvy behind because they have more room in the seat and a contoured waist that gives you a higher back and more coverage.

If you want to add a new Diva Jean to your wardrobe or are looking for a jean that will respect your curves and give you style, you'll love the new Diva Chic!

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Vintage Mickey Mouse Tees From Junkfood!

Junkfood is constantly searching for the hottest new licenses for their famous brand. Just think of all of their past licenses - Little Miss & Mister, Felix the Cat, Where the Wild Things Are, NFL, and Alice in Wonderland to name a few. Most of these have been huge successes due to the Junkfood's careful selection and unique take on each of them.

One of their newest editions is vintage Mickey Mouse collection. Think back to The Mickey Mouse Club, not the Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake version, but back to the days Annette and Cubby and the Mouseketeers. The artwork has the simple look of the true hand drawn Mickey and Minnie that has been lost with today's digital versions.

The tees also have a washed down, aged look with distressed graphics and heathered fabrics. New body styles like the raglan sleeve and vintage sweatshirt only add to the appeal. Junkfood's new Mickey Mouse tees and NFL tees are available for both men and women so stock up now before it's too late!

New Lola Jeggin' by !iT Jeans

Jeggings continue to be an extremely hot trend at The Denim Shop! They're the perfect merging of two fashion staples, leggings and denim, so they were an instant hit. We've quickly sold out of each style we're received, so we're constantly looking for new types of jeggings.

Our newest version is the Lola Jeggin' by !iT Jeans. Many premium denim companies have added jeggings to their lines, to give women a better quality, higher end choice. !iT jeans gives you a great compromise with an affordable price and top of the line denim.

Unlike cheaper jeggings, the Lola is made with real denim and not a denim like fabric. The fact that they are 32% polyester means that they will hold their shape well and won't start sagging half way through the day. It also allows the jegging to grip your skin while providing enough structure to camouflage any cellulite. With 4% elastin (stretch), you have 3% more than most regular jeans. This may not seem like a lot, but it's what gives you the sleek legging fit.

We really like the simplicity of this true jean legging. The darker wash is slimming and forgiving. The pockets stay close to your body so you don't have to worry about added bulk. Your tops will lay flawlessly over the Lola.

Wear these with your favorite long tee, tunic top or dress. Try adding a pair of flats, BCBGirl boots or Classic Talls from Ugg Australia. Whether your body is perfectly sculpted or a little less than perfect, you'll love the look and feel of the easy to wear Lola Jeggin' from !iT Jeans!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple Designs With Funky Prints Have Made Aryeh Dresses a Customer Favorite!

We discovered this flirty brand at our August Market trip and fell in love! Aryeh filled a gap that we had for a simple dress line that fit well, looked awesome and was easy on the wallet. With prices under $50, most of our customers are able to buy more than one dress. Once you slip an Aryeh dress on, you'll understand why they can't stop at just one!

Aryeh dresses are made from super soft fabrics. Some are fuzzy, almost fleece like knits while others have more of a soft chamois feel. There are even a few true sweater tunics as well. The Aryeh experience is similar to wearing your guy's favorite tee- no clinging, bunching or binding, just comfort. The patterns are definitely retro, reminiscent of the shift dresses of the 70's, but updated with this season's color palette. You'll notice a lot of polka dots, but you'll also find stripes and zigzag prints.

Because of the retro look of the Aryeh dresses, you may want to go easy on the 70's looking accessories, like plastic jewlery, white gogo boots and patent leather platforms, to avoid taking the look too far. Most of these dresses actually mix really well with tights or leggings and flats or boots. Add a Vintage Wool Tulle Jacket and you'll have a stylish, yet simple look.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Perfect Skinny Jean for the Curvy Body!

Are you tired of skinny jeans that sit super low on your hips or are so tight that you have to buy them 2 sizes bigger to keep the circulation flowing through your thighs? The buyers at The Denim Shop share in your desire for a more comfortable skinny jean since we too are shaped like real women and not fit models!

We have tried many styles, but it wasn't until we discovered the Suki Slim by Silver Jeans that we finally had a solution! It is based on one of Silver's best selling fits, the Suki, which has a higher rise and more relaxed thigh, designed for the woman with curves. The 8.5" rise is perfect for providing tummy control and preventing muffin top, one of the hazards of low rise jeans. Curvier women will also appreciate having a little more room in the rear and thigh. This is important because it allows you to find a jean that fits well in the thighs AND the waist without the gapping waist that occurs with most slimmer cuts.

The Suki Slim tapers in from the knee to the ankle to give you the skinny (but not super skinny) fit. Their skinny leg is perfect for tucking into boots, but also have just enough room to slip down over a pair of high heels or flats.

Silver Jeans Co. has been designing affordable, great fitting jeans for women for decades so they know what works with women's bodies and what doesn't. One of the best things about Silver Jeans is that their most popular styles are updated each season to reflect the current trends in the denim industry. That way you can stock up on your favorite fit without looking like you're wearing the same jean over and over!

For more information about Silver Jeans, call us at 888-952-2251

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rebel Spirit Clothing Arrives on Scene!

Surpassing the limited vision of mainstream fashion, Rebel Spirit Clothing has taken the hottest urban inspired trends and added their own unique flavor. Their original graphics are bolder and edgier than the other styles in the current market due to real attention being given to even the finest details.

Most of their tees and hoodies start with a darker background like steel gray, black or green, but they also use crisp whites and a few fashion colors. Their edgy designs play well off of these backgrounds with graphics grounded in black, gray, cream, or white that incorporate pops of red, gold, yellow, gray and blue. With graphic designs like skulls, angel wings, crosses, mythical creatures and crowns, Rebel Spirit tees are definitely on the cutting edge of fashion. Bold rhinestones and foiling add dimension, texture and the all important bling!

Layering Rebel Spirit tops is super easy when you put them with an inexpensive tee or tank from Tresics or LA Made. You could also wear them with a boyfriend style blazer for a trendier look. No matter what tops you wear with your Rebel Spirit tee, you definitely want to wear your t-shirt with denim! The brands we like the most with these tees are MEK Denim, Rock Revival, Vintage Big Star and Anoname Jeans. They all have a more vintage, broken in feel that captures the casual, laid back attitude of Rebel Spirit Clothing!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Urban Behavior Arrives at The Denim Shop!

The Denim Shop is pleased to announce the arrival of the popular Canadian brand, Urban Behavior! With over 20 years of experience in fashion and retail, the Urban Behavior Brand has developed into a leader in the Canadian fashion industry. Recently, they began expanding their wildly popular brand to the United States with extraordinary success.

Their story started in 1989 with the introduction of their first fashion forward store opening in Toronto. It had a more urban, edgier look and feel than other retail stores which gained them instant popularity. They continued to grow and open new stores over the next few years in spite of the recession by anticipating fashion trends and providing the most trend-right product.

After 10 years of growth from following a proven model of success, the Urban Behavior Company foresaw a huge change in the buying behavior of the general population. Customers were shifting from pricey designer labels to more stylish, yet budget friendly items. In order to best serve their customers, Urban Behavior left their designer labels behind and began designing their own high quality, affordable, fashion forward brands- UB Jeans and Urban Behavior. Having control over design and manufacturing allowed them to control prices and to present only the most current styles. This new model has helped them to continue to expand to this day.

The keys to Urban Behavior's success lie in their ability to take a concept from the runway to the retail sales floor in 4 weeks while keeping the quality high and the price low. Because they are constantly looking for the freshest trends, the designers at Urban Behavior, travel the world, attending key runway shows and taking in global fashions. Their design and manufacturing sectors are integrated so well that they can easily send their finds to the sales floor at just the right time.

We are thrilled to be adding this contemporary brand of denim and sportswear. Their sister brand Costa Blanca is another one to watch with less of an emphasis on denim and more on sportswear. Upcoming spring arrivals promise to be fresh and bright!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Sophie from Big Star's Vintage Limited Edition Collection

The Vintage, Limited Edition Big Star Jeans continue to be some of the hottest jeans at The Denim Shop! They have the level of detail and quality that is similar to brands like True Religion, but without the $200+ price tag! Multi-tone stitching, aged denim and vintage looking hardware are all premium details that make these jeans extra special.

Sophie is the newest addition to the Vintage, Limited Edition Big Star Collection. The Sophie has a low rise with a slightly smaller leg opening than the Liv. It is also a little more relaxed through the knee to accommodate a slightly bigger thigh. Although the Sophie is not a straight leg jean, you do get a straighter look with the larger knee and smaller leg opening.

Shown here in the 6 year wash, this Sophie is a medium blue with fading and whiskers. It has grinding on the thighs and pockets, but does not have any holes. The most outstanding feature is the use of bright orange and yellow stitching. You'll love the "pop" this gives to the denim!

All of the whiskering and fading definitely make this version of Sophie a more casual jean that can be worn with your favorite tees and flats. You could also throw a pair of boots and boyfriend jacket for a sportier look! No matter how you rock it, one thing is certain. The Sophie will easily become one of your favorite jeans! Look for more styles and colors to arrive soon at The Denim Shop!