Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple Designs With Funky Prints Have Made Aryeh Dresses a Customer Favorite!

We discovered this flirty brand at our August Market trip and fell in love! Aryeh filled a gap that we had for a simple dress line that fit well, looked awesome and was easy on the wallet. With prices under $50, most of our customers are able to buy more than one dress. Once you slip an Aryeh dress on, you'll understand why they can't stop at just one!

Aryeh dresses are made from super soft fabrics. Some are fuzzy, almost fleece like knits while others have more of a soft chamois feel. There are even a few true sweater tunics as well. The Aryeh experience is similar to wearing your guy's favorite tee- no clinging, bunching or binding, just comfort. The patterns are definitely retro, reminiscent of the shift dresses of the 70's, but updated with this season's color palette. You'll notice a lot of polka dots, but you'll also find stripes and zigzag prints.

Because of the retro look of the Aryeh dresses, you may want to go easy on the 70's looking accessories, like plastic jewlery, white gogo boots and patent leather platforms, to avoid taking the look too far. Most of these dresses actually mix really well with tights or leggings and flats or boots. Add a Vintage Wool Tulle Jacket and you'll have a stylish, yet simple look.

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