Thursday, August 13, 2009

Get the Skinny on the Cigarette Jean by Mek Denim!

Cover of "Funny Face (50th Anniversary Ed...Cover of Funny Face (50th Anniversary Edition)

When thinking about Audrey Hepburn's beatnik dance scene in "Funny Face," you can't help but picture that signature cigarette pant that looked so amazing on Ms. Hepburn. The fashion industry is giving a nod to this timeless fashion icon by bringing back her super slim cut style this season in denim and pants.

How is the Cigarette Jean different from a regular skinny jean? It is typically an ankle length jean with a super slim leg opening. The Island Harbour by Mek Denim is our favorite version of this style with Mek Jean's signature "M" flap pockets. It's slightly dirty wash and ankle zippers definitely give it that biker chic look.

We love the cigarette jean with a slim cut motorcycle jacket and feminine blousy top. A belted boyfriend blazer and tee would also be a stylish addition to a cigarette jean! The ankle length leg works with flats, heels or boots so you can continue to reinvent this jean into dozens of looks.

Not many of us have that Audrey Hepburn body, but this look is still possible! If you have a curvier shape, just make sure that your top is a fuller cut and that it doesn't stop at the widest part of your body. Wearing a tight fitting top will only exaggerate your curves and draw attention to the widest area. Give it a try and experiment with different lengths and types of tops to find out what is the most slimming for you. Make it your own!

Click here to find out more about the Island Harbour Jean from Mek or about other skinny jeans available at The Denim Shop.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

How to wear the Boyfriend Blazer!

Despite the voluminous hair and gianormous shoulder pads, 80's fashion was, to put it simply, FUN! The bright colors, over sized tops, leggings, crazy plaids and ankle boots made you want to dance to your favorite Madonna mix tape! Many of these trends have reimerged this season in chic, updated versions including the Boyfriend Jacket.

This basic fit can be worn by women of all sizes and shapes since it is more structured. The question that remains after making this fabulous purchase is, "How do I wear my boyfriend blazer and not look like I'm wearing one of my mom's old suits?" Here a few possible ideas:
  1. If you have one that covers your behind, try wearing it with skinny jeans or long leggings.
  2. Belt it! A menswear belt would be super chic and would play on the masculine look in a feminine way.
  3. Layer it over your favorite 80's band tee. You'll add a personal touch that will look fabulous with your skinny jeans and boots or kicks.
  4. Wide leg pants and a fitted, feminine blouse are a fabulous way to wear this style to work.
  5. Keep it simple by wearing it in place of your favorite cardigan.
  6. Try it over a short dress. Make sure that it is not longer than the dress.
However, you choose to wear the boyfriend blazer, make sure to add your own flair instead of exactly copying someone else's look. You will feel more comfortable in your own skin which will help you truly rock this fashion favorite!

We'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts for wearing this trend!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vintage Inspired Tulle Jackets Are Back for Fall/Winter 2009!

Tulle is THE brand for contemporary, stylish jackets and sweaters for women. Their jackets have sold to ladies from tween age to those in their 60's depending on the jacket. The one thing that they all have in common is an eye for fashion whether it is classic or trendsetting or a little of both.

Some of our favorite pieces for fall include this adorable plaid jacket in a mustard yellow. It has a plaid design woven into it in fuchsia and grape purple. The bell sleeves and belted waist add the perfect finishing touches to this denim friendly jacket.

Our best selling style for the last couple of years has been Tulle's Vintage Wool Coat. Each year it is updated with new colors, buttons, seam placement and lining. It's classic shape and timeless design make this a favorite for a variety of women. Although it is part wool, the material is fairly lightweight. Here in the south, it makes a great winter coat, and in cooler climates, it's the perfect jacket for cold, windy days when you need a tightly woven fabric that will cut through the wind. One of the best things about this coat is the wide range of colors in which it is available. These vibrant colors will brighten your mood on a dreary day while turning up the volume on your signature style.

Don't forget about Tulle's other specialty- sweaters. They have a fantastic selection of both lightweight and chunky sweaters for fall that are perfect for layering. Some can even be worn year round! Whatever you choose from Tulle, we are confident you'll walk away feeling like you got a product that combines value and style in a special way.

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Mad for Plaid- Tops & Blouses for Fall!

Plaid is back for Fall in a big way! I've seen plaid tops, tees, pants, skirts, shoes, handbags and accessories for fall in a variety of colors from bright blue to hot pink to neon yellow. This trend seems to have touched every corner of our wardrobes. Not since the mid 90's has plaid made such an impact on the younger, trendier demographic and it's about time! (Can you tell I like plaid?)

The great thing about this trend is that it is so simple to incorporate into your current closet, no matter what size you are or what your budget may be. For the smaller junior, I love the new Dollhouse Buffalo Check Tops which retail under $30! They have both long and short sleeve versions in blue, red and yellow. Pair them with a cami and a dark blue pair of jeans and you're set! Vintage Havana also has a collection of trendier plaid tops with unique details. For the more contemporary customer, Tulle has several beautiful plaid jackets in feminine colors and weaves and we will soon be receiving a few styles of jackets & coats from BB Dakota.

If you are more hesitant to wear plaid, you might consider a handbag or tote bag like the one from Fashion Express. You can also grab a plaid scarf or add a some style to your outfit with a pair of kicks in a funky buffalo check or tartan. In addition, you might consider a plaid bangle bracelet or acrylic earrings for just a touch of this look. Once you give it a try, you might just find yourself going back for bigger and bolder plaids!