Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeans That Will Make a Great Body Look Even Better!

We spend a lot of time talking about finding jeans for women with different body issues, but what about the younger gal who works hard for her slender legs, well toned behind and flat tummy? Sure she has a variety of options available to her, but she really deserves a jean that shows off all of her efforts! Here are some of our bestselling styles for this body type:
The Pioneer Bootcut Jean by Silver Jeans has a low rise and is fitted through the thigh and knee where it kicks out into a slight flare, accentuating your curves.
Designed for every body type, the Hottie Jean by !iT Jeans looks especially flattering on the girl with just the right amount of curves. It has a low rise, fitted leg and bootcut leg opening. This top selling style is available in a variety of of colors and inseams so that you can fill your wardrobe with this amazing fit!

The slim cut Laurel Canyon Jean by Paige is a youthful yet classy look with it's lower rise and perfectly proportion bootcut legs. Available in a variety of colors as well as petites, this is a fantastic jean for everyday wear, but also for more special occasions.

Hopefully, this article will give you a few choices designed especially for your slender silhouette. A few other styles you might like are the Lil Maggie by Lucky, the "A" Pocket Boot and the Rocker by 7 for All Mankind and the Sweet by Big Star Jeans.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Try a hot "mom jean"- the Suki by Silver!

Mom jeans. Those simple words strike terror in into the hearts of adolescents and preteens everywhere. Being seen at the mall with mothers wearing outdated, high rise, tapered jeans is an experience that most socially conscious teenagers avoid at all costs! We'll let you in on a little secret- today's "mom jeans" are not the hideous, unflattering styles of years past or the lowrise, skinny cuts worn by teens. You can wear current, flattering styles that keep you covered and comfortable.

One of our favorite styles is the Suki Jean from Silver Jeans Co. This company caters to a wide range of body types from tiny teens to curvy moms with a look that is consistently on trend. Silver Jeans created the Suki jean because many of women no longer feel comfortable in the hiphuggers they grew up wearing, but still like the details like distressing or a little fading that these styles offered. This best-selling style was cut in the mold of Silver's Original Fit which conforms to the natural curves of your body, allowing for a more comfortable fit. Thanks to it's higher rise, you'll be able to combat many denim mishaps- muffin top, plumber's crack and a gaping waist. Also, they have a little more room in the hips and thighs for added ease.

The best part- if you like the Suki Jean, you can get it in a boot cut version, straight leg version, skinny leg version and flap pocket version! How exciting is that?? You'll have a fit you can trust in a variety of looks and colors so you won't have to wear the same style over and over again! Several of these newer styles will be available this fall (August and September) at The Denim Shop!

You certainly don't have to be a mom to appreciate the Suki- they're a great choice for any woman who wants a younger look without sacrificing comfort or committing a grievous fashion faux pas.

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The Liv Jean - Big Star's Hottest Style!

Whether you admit it or not, everyone has a pair of jeans in their closet that they have worn over and over until they have to be restricted to weekend duty only. You can't throw them out because it would be like losing a limb, but you can't wear them out due to their threadbare state. Enter the solution- the perfectly aged Vintage Edition Liv Jean.

Taking inspiration from their sister company, AG Jeans' Limited Edition Aged Denim, Big Star developed the Liv Jean to replicate different "ages" of denim at half of AG's price tag! With this style you can have your cake and eat it too (or have your jeans and wear them too)! Their unique denim processing methods provide just the right amount of fading, destruction, holes and even stains to produce their desired age. You'll get the comfortable lived in feel, the aged to perfection look and good, quality denim that you can wear out in public!

One of our favorite features of the Vintage Liv Jean is the back pocket. Nothing can make or break a jean like the shape and style of back pocket and the Liv pockets totally rock this jean! Thick, multicolored stitching really stands out against the denim while flap pockets on select styles have specially made, detailed buttons, taking the Liv Jean a step above Big Star's other denim.

We've been amazed by how fast this style has sold and attribute it to the reliability of the Big Star fit and the affordability of this style- few denim designers offer the detail and look for Big Star's Vintage Edition Jeans at such a low price.

Coming this fall are a higher rise version and a skinny version, the Nico.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Go Gladiator!

Since it's reemergence on the fashion scene last summer, the gladiator sandal has become a wardrobe essential for every woman. Because it is available in such an incredible range of styles, colors and materials, the gladiator sandal can be somewhat intimidating.

A sure bet is an easy to wear, understated version with just a few small straps like the Miss Cleo from Reef. Miss Cleo also has a comfy sole and delicate straps that will highlight your summer tan or pedicure. We love this one because it is so simple, yet feminine and can be worn with just about anything.

If you're looking for a more classic version, try the Floater Sandal by Rocket Dog. It has the straps, buckles and streamlined look that keep it simple yet still on trend and at $38 it is a steal! Wear them with shorts, pants or a short, belted summer dress for an easy look.

Add color with BCBGirls Porto in Sunflower. This chic style is ingenious with it's beautiful golden hue that can be worn as a neutral with a denim mini skirt or short shorts or you can play up the warm shade by wearing with a contrasting print in purple or teal. It's also a fun style to wear with a feminine dress to an afternoon wedding or patio party.

For a great beach friendly gladiator style that is durable and easy to clean, look no further than Havaiana's Fit shoe! The rubber soles and jelly straps are comfortable and incredibly stylish- a fabulous update to your tired flip flops.

Now matter what style you choose, there is definitely something for every type of trendsetter- from the classic, cautious woman to the daring fashionista!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Jeans to Make Your Behind Look Bigger!

One of the reasons why jeans are so popular is because of their ability to alter to the look of your body with many types of visual camouflage and magic. By changing details like color, pocket size, pocket height and rise you can visually alter your height, weight and yes, even the size of your butt!
While magazines and style blogs are full of ways to make your behind look smaller, many women have the opposite problem. Athletic body types, tomboy figures, small frames or bodies where weight is carried mostly in the stomach might benefit from learning a few simple tricks to give you the illusion of larger butt and more evenly proportioned body. Try out some of the suggestions below to see what ideas work best for you.
  1. Jeans with higher pockets will keep your jeans from sagging. They'll draw the eye up to the rounder part of your behind. We like the pockets on the See Thru Soul Jean to the left.
  2. Flap pockets can add volume, but keep them fairly small- like the ones on Rock Revival's Jeans or Miss Me Jeans. Over sized pockets will end up making you look flatter.
  3. AVOID baggy jeans and jeans that sag at the behind. A saggy behind will just give you a lovely deflated balloon look and draw negative attention to an area where it is least desired. Jeans with stretch will hug your behind instead of just hanging on it and make sure it has a snug fit. Try 7 for All Mankind for the perfect cotton to stretch ratio.
  4. Lighter washes, especially with fading/sanding on the butt, will also make you appear larger. We like the collection of lighter wash jeans from Big Star. They often have flap pockets to further in enhance your curves.
  5. A straight or skinny leg will give you a rounder behind. By making you narrower at the ankle, you will appear fuller at the butt. The Oaxaca Skinny Jean by MEK Denim or the Audrey Skinny by Silver Jeans will give you the perfect proportion.
These are just of few of the suggestions that we've compiled to help you take advantage of some of the tricks of the trade. We welcome any solutions that you've come up with for this problem as well!

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