Monday, June 1, 2009

Jeans to Make Your Behind Look Bigger!

One of the reasons why jeans are so popular is because of their ability to alter to the look of your body with many types of visual camouflage and magic. By changing details like color, pocket size, pocket height and rise you can visually alter your height, weight and yes, even the size of your butt!
While magazines and style blogs are full of ways to make your behind look smaller, many women have the opposite problem. Athletic body types, tomboy figures, small frames or bodies where weight is carried mostly in the stomach might benefit from learning a few simple tricks to give you the illusion of larger butt and more evenly proportioned body. Try out some of the suggestions below to see what ideas work best for you.
  1. Jeans with higher pockets will keep your jeans from sagging. They'll draw the eye up to the rounder part of your behind. We like the pockets on the See Thru Soul Jean to the left.
  2. Flap pockets can add volume, but keep them fairly small- like the ones on Rock Revival's Jeans or Miss Me Jeans. Over sized pockets will end up making you look flatter.
  3. AVOID baggy jeans and jeans that sag at the behind. A saggy behind will just give you a lovely deflated balloon look and draw negative attention to an area where it is least desired. Jeans with stretch will hug your behind instead of just hanging on it and make sure it has a snug fit. Try 7 for All Mankind for the perfect cotton to stretch ratio.
  4. Lighter washes, especially with fading/sanding on the butt, will also make you appear larger. We like the collection of lighter wash jeans from Big Star. They often have flap pockets to further in enhance your curves.
  5. A straight or skinny leg will give you a rounder behind. By making you narrower at the ankle, you will appear fuller at the butt. The Oaxaca Skinny Jean by MEK Denim or the Audrey Skinny by Silver Jeans will give you the perfect proportion.
These are just of few of the suggestions that we've compiled to help you take advantage of some of the tricks of the trade. We welcome any solutions that you've come up with for this problem as well!

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  1. I am confused: I have read that jeans with pockets are the best options for wide women. Can they also work against you if the pockets are big?

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  3. Karina,

    Nothing minimizes like a dark, clean, slim jean does! Look for styles that aren't complicated and don't have a lot of embellishments on the pockets. You don't want to give the eyes extra to look at, or create extra volume, if there is already got something going on. Think simple, elegant and fuss free. "Pockets aren’t so much of a black and white issue, it’s more about finding the best pocket size, placement, and style for your unique body." -Ryan with 7 for all Mankind


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