Thursday, October 29, 2009

Save money on your holiday look with built in accessories!

Jewelry is one of those accessories that takes an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary by adding shimmer and shine. However, we admit that buying jewelry for every outfit can get expensive when you're on a tight budget! Fortunately, this season, designers have come up with a solution that will give you the most bling for your buck!

They have found a way for you to get a stylish top and trendy matching jewelry for the price of one by attaching the jewelry to the top. We love these tops, like the one shown here by Unyx, because they jewelry is well-made, not the junky, cheap stuff that you find at discount stores. Keep them clean by using the handwash cycle on your washing machine.

You'll also enjoy the variety of styles you can get, from tanks to tees and with chains, chunky necklaces or fringe. We love the look of these tops layered under a leather moto jacket and paired with dark blue skinny jeans. You can also wear styles like the knit tanks from Vintage Havana over a long sleeve tee for added warmth.

However, you wear it, give it a dose of your own style and you can definitely rock this look!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Animal Prints Add Style to Winter Looks!

As the weather turns cooler and the first snowflakes of the season start to fall, our natural inclination is to reach for warm, cozy sweaters and jackets in dull, lifeless colors and prints. Unfortunately, while these do keep us warm, they also add to the blah feeling that comes with these colder days, so why not spice things up?

This season we are really liking the all of funky animal prints that are available. Designers have taken some of their top selling silhouettes given them a wild spin with zebra, leopard and cheetah prints in both traditional and trendy color schemes. Some even have mixed patterns that flawlessly combine a variety of your favorite animals.

Styles like the scoop neck cardigan to the left show how easy it is to wear these looks no matter what size, shape or style you are! Choosing a pattern, like the one to the left by My Michelle, with a pop color woven into, makes accessorizing a no-brainer. Just add a bright, coordinating tank, jewelry or shoes to play up the fun.

Traditional animal prints, like the tunic to the right by Unyx, can be just as chic. Pair leopard tops with skinny jeans and boots or opt for a tunic and wear it with leggings. Add a touch of color with red flats or turquoise jewelry. Because their color pallets are neutral, you could accessorize them with a variety of hues.

If you are not a big family of animal prints, there are other ways to add just a touch of them to your wardrobe. Try a belt with a little faux zebra fur or a cheetah patterned scarf. We also like the animal print bangles that we've seen this season.

To find more animal prints, click here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Tees Are Back in Stock!

I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival the movie "Where The Wild Things Are" for what seems like forever now. The postponement and remake of the film have only heightened my anticipation as it promises to be amazing.

Of course, I am not the only one who has been looking forward to the movie premier. Taking cues from this pop culture phenomena, Junkfood Clothing added 2 new additions to their funky assortment of Where The Wild Things Are tees. The raglan is a sporty top with gray burnout sleeves and a gray and red screen print. They also offer a light pink burnout thermal with a soft screen print. Both styles are lightweight, so they are perfect for any time of year. Layer them up with a vest or a jacket or keep it simple with a basic cuffed short.

Other licenses we will soon be adding from Junkfood include Nascar, Disney and NFL. You'll love the vintage touch that they add to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all of your favorite football teams. With their feminine fits, you won't have to worry about looking like one of the guys.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jeans that make your legs look a mile long!

So many women are looking for a jean that will give them that gorgeous, slim, long legged look. Who doesn't want legs that look they just walked off the catwalk? There are a few ways to add a few inches to your look, and we'll share a few of our favorites.
  1. A higher waist- Jeans with higher waists like 7 FAM's High Waist Straight Leg Jean automatically trick your eye into thinking that your legs are longer. You could tuck a ruffled blouse into a high waisted pant to get the full effect. Throw on a jacket and you're set! (Avoid high waisted pants if you are naturally short waisted.)
  2. Add heels- Pick a slightly longer length and pair it with a heel for an instant boost. This season, knee high boots with a heel are a good option to add length to your skinny jeans, like the Rising Starlet by !iT Jeans. Just keep the color scheme dark so that your legs are not divided visually into several sections.
  3. Dark washes- Look for darker washes; they instantly slim you. A little fading on the thighs is ok, but washes with harsh differences visually widen your thighs.
  4. Experiment with different leg widths to see what looks best on your body shape. Long wide leg jeans (like the Dream Diva by !iT), worn with heels are a great way to slim and lengthen a curvy figure. Slimmer body types look nice in a straight leg jean.
Now that you have a few ideas, it's time to get out there and find a way to get those model legs without diet, exercise or surgery!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Military Jackets Are Essential for Fall

Open up the pages of any of your favorite fashion magazines and you are sure to find a style spread or a celebrity siting involving one of this season's key fashion pieces, the military jacket. Largely inspired by the death (and more importantly, fashion) of Michael Jackson, the military jacket reemerged this season in a variety of forms.

It is easy to go overboard and look like you just stepped off of the bandstand, but with the right jacket, you can go from band geek to super chic. First of all, if you are going vintage with an old military jacket, look for one with simple, clean lines. Too much fluff adds bulk to your body and honestly, is hard to look at. What will make the biggest difference is finding one that really fits or altering it if needed. Wearing a military jacket that is too big is just awkward looking.

If you're looking for a new military jacket, our favorite jacket is the Military Jacket by Dex. What's unique about it, is that it is a soft knit jacket. It's like slipping on a sweatshirt. It has just enough structure to give you a true military look, but is soft enough that you'll want to wear it all of the time. The grayish green color is perfect with denim, especially darker denim.

No matter what type of military jacket you choose, you can be sure that you'll be in style this season!