Monday, October 5, 2009

Jeans that make your legs look a mile long!

So many women are looking for a jean that will give them that gorgeous, slim, long legged look. Who doesn't want legs that look they just walked off the catwalk? There are a few ways to add a few inches to your look, and we'll share a few of our favorites.
  1. A higher waist- Jeans with higher waists like 7 FAM's High Waist Straight Leg Jean automatically trick your eye into thinking that your legs are longer. You could tuck a ruffled blouse into a high waisted pant to get the full effect. Throw on a jacket and you're set! (Avoid high waisted pants if you are naturally short waisted.)
  2. Add heels- Pick a slightly longer length and pair it with a heel for an instant boost. This season, knee high boots with a heel are a good option to add length to your skinny jeans, like the Rising Starlet by !iT Jeans. Just keep the color scheme dark so that your legs are not divided visually into several sections.
  3. Dark washes- Look for darker washes; they instantly slim you. A little fading on the thighs is ok, but washes with harsh differences visually widen your thighs.
  4. Experiment with different leg widths to see what looks best on your body shape. Long wide leg jeans (like the Dream Diva by !iT), worn with heels are a great way to slim and lengthen a curvy figure. Slimmer body types look nice in a straight leg jean.
Now that you have a few ideas, it's time to get out there and find a way to get those model legs without diet, exercise or surgery!

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