Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Your Grandma's Wrap...

Over the years, grannies have given the wrap a bad wrap...sorry about the pun! When we think of a wrap, we think of a multi-colored crocheted top, slung on the shoulders or our elderly great aunt. Today's wraps, however, are denim friendly and more figure flattering than the ones of yesterday.

The new wraps have sleeves and seams that are more fitted to your body. This slims you and avoids a bulky, unflattering look. It is made more feminine by the extra wrap fabric drapes in the front. Details like fringe and trendy fabrics are what really separate these from the old school wraps because they give them a young and trendy personality.

One tip to make the most out of this look, is to watch out for styles that are short in the back and long on the sides. If you are comfortable with your behind then these are fine, but if you prefer to camouflage your rear, avoid this shape. This style tends to draw a frame around your behind which is great if you want to show off your denim, but not if your want to minimize the size of your behind. I came to this realization standing behind a plus size woman at the grocery store.

Grab a new wrap when you go to the movie theater or a chilly restaurant. Wear with denim and your favorite tee or try a long tee, jeggings and boots for a chic look.

For more wrap selections, follow this link.

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