Thursday, July 9, 2009

Budget Friendly Denim Brands

Premium denim has it's pluses and minuses- they have a great fit, quality Italian and Japanese denim, and let's face it, their name stitched on the backside, but they also come with a hefty price tag. Why denim prices continue to climb in the midst of a struggling economy, eludes me, but I suppose some of it has to do with the increased price of supplies, the shrinking value of the dollar and good old American desire to make a buck.
Less expensive brands like Silver Jeans, See Thu Soul, !iT Jeans and the ever so thrifty Dollhouse Jeans are some of our favorite choices for adding great style and fantastic fits at reasonable prices.

See Thru Soul
Prices - $54- 78 - A huge variety of styles to fill your need for both basic and trendy denim!

Silver Jeans
Prices- $60-80 range. Silver Jeans offer amazing fits, an extensive selection of sizes and a fun, vintage look. Two main fits - original and red label are available in several variations.

!iT Jeans
Price- $50-80 range. One of our best-selling brands has fits to flatter a plethora of figures, including the Hottie, Diva, Belle and Rising Starlet. Many of their fits are available in a variety of inseams, colors and fabrics.

Dollhouse Jeans-
Our best value at $45-60. Spice things up with Dollhouse's trendy mix of jeans, pants and tops at unbeatable prices!

Other brands with styles under $100 are Lucky Brand, Big Star, Level 99, Cult of Individuality, LTB, Miss Me and Sang Real.

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