Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Denim Trends to Avoid in 2009/2010!

Run, don't walk away from these denim disasters and debacles! Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for alliteration's sake, it seemed appropriate. Since writing the blog post on Denim trends for fall 2009, it made sense to also address our least favorite denim trends for Fall. I admit that some of these trends can be tamed and altered until they are more flattering- like the Boyfriend Jean. Honestly, it took me a while to warm up to the boyfriend jean, but most of that was due to the over sized, sloppy way that several celebrities wore it in the beginning. Since then, it definitely has evolved into something that has it's place for the time being. Is there a denim trend that keeps you up at night or makes you cringe as you look through the pages of your favorite celebrity magazine? Let your opinion be known and add a comment below.
  • Double Denim- The first faux pas came from an article on Fashionising.com talking about the no-no of doubling and tripling your denim. Now my love for denim is not linked to the bottom half of my body- I love denim in many forms, but one at a time please! Ever since it's resurgence in the 80's, concept of doubling up on denim has always been difficult for me to understand- how do you make it work? Christina Ricci adds to her 80s vibe (not in a good way) with her hoodie popping out of the top of her jean jacket while Pete Wentz' bowtie, denim jacket and gray jean fiasco's only redeeming factor is that he's going to the Kid's Choice Awards.
  • Acid wash- While I love a lighter wash jean, seriously- I am wearing a pair of lighter wash Big Star Livs as I type, those on the verge or even crossing over the line to acid wash are just too much. On the wrong person, they can look like a couple of dancing turkey sausages. Basic light wash jeans can be flattering especially in a bootcut or wider leg fit. However, skinny bleached out denim is best left to teens who are can get by with this young, skinny look. Lindsey Lohan definitely draws attention to her well-toned legs with her acid wash jeans and contrasting black top & ankle boots, but that kind of attention doesn't look good on everyone. If you enjoy this look, avoid wearing them too tight as lighter washes tend to accentuate bulges while darker washes camouflage them.
Let us know what you think? Are these hits or misses? More blunders to come soon. For the latest denim trends and always in style jean choices, visit us at The Denim Shop.
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