Friday, May 22, 2009

Show Off Your Wild Side with Volatile Footwear!

Young, bold and funky are just a few adjectives that we would use to describe the wild Volatile Footwear brand. If you're looking for a chunky, statement shoe, look no further because Volatile definitely fits the bill. With flirty animal prints, chunky sequins and dazzling metallics, Volatile shoes are not for wallflowers; you will definitely be noticed (and envied)! We love that we can turn to these shoes whenever we're wearing jeans that need a little extra height. They always give just the right amount of lift while adding a huge amount of style and bling to jeans, capris and shorts!
New styles for summer 2009 include the Latrell Thong which is available in both leopard and zebra prints and features large round and heart shaped sequins and the Rose Thong with is a metallic bronze shoe with bronze colored stones. There's definitely a spot in your wardrobe for each pair!

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