Monday, November 23, 2009

Gothic and Urban Influences on Men's Streetwear

Goth and urban influences are combined in this year's hottest looks for men. Skulls, ornate scroll work, crosses and fleur de lis designs contribute to the Gothic feel, especially when black and dark gray inks are used. The urban influence comes from bleach marks, paint splatters and the overall tattooed look.

With all of the designers who have jumped onto the bandwagon, you can achieve this look at a variety of prices based on the level of bling you you desire. Brands like Ed Hardy add tons of foil, studs, rhinestones, etc... to their tees to really set them apart. Affliction is more middle of the road and has a heavier Goth influence than Ed Hardy. Affliction often uses foils and flocking to give their tees more dimension. Archaic and Xtreme Couture are made by the same company as Affliction, but are less expensive because they use a little less bling. You get the same overall look without the higher price tag.

While we love the tees, some of our favorite items include hoodies and thermals because they lend themselves to layering and as we all know, layering is a big trend for both men and women. These brands are perfect for wearing with Mek Denim, Big Star Vintage Jeans, Rock Revival or Silver Jeans.

These styles are also available for women from Ed Hardy and Archaic! You get the same urban/Goth look with feminine colors and designs.

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