Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Loop Jeans by !iT Jeans!

!iT Jeans continue to be one of our fast selling brands- a customer favorite as well as a staff favorite. Their tried and true fits like the Diva, Hottie, and Rising Starlet keep us all coming back for more.

!iT Jeans sister brand, In the Loop takes these fabulous fits and kicks them up a notch with rugged details like fading, holes, whiskers and unique pockets. This small collection denim is designed for the girl who loves the !iT Jeans fit, but wants something a little more fashion forward.

Shown here is In the Loop's Faith Jean which is based off of the extremely popular Hottie Jean by !iT. Faith has a premium look with heavy abrasions, whiskers and sanding on the legs. Adding to the premium look is the cotton/polyester blend of the denim which really gives the jean a great finish and durability. The flap pockets have a shape and style that is unique to the In the Loop jeans and are finished off with more rugged hardware.

These extra details add a few more dollars to the price tag, but they are still nicely priced just under $100. So, if you are looking for an !iT fit with extra flare, give In the Loop a try!

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