Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Tees Are Starting to Arive

Alice in Disney's animated versionImage via Wikipedia

One of the most anticipated movies of 2010 is Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland starring the incredibly talented Johnny Depp! This version depicts Alice's return to Wonderland 10 years after her first trip through the rabbit hole. She doesn't remember being there the first time, but while she in Wonderland, she will learn that her true destiny is to defeat the Red Queen who has a moat filled with the heads of her subjects!

After seeing the trailer for this movie over the weekend, I am soooo disappointed that I have to wait until March to see it!

Until then, Junkfood has started the first in their release of a series of Alice in Wonderland tees featuring Alice, the White Rabbit and my favorite, the Cheshire Cat! This super fun tee has the infamous Cheshire Cat grin that is amusing, mystifying and just a little freaky.

While these tees are no substitute for actually seeing Johnny Depp as the Madhatter or watching Alice battle the terrifying Red Queen, grab a Junkfood tee to wear to the movie or to remember this incredible piece of cinematic history!

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