Monday, February 8, 2010

New arrivals at The Denim Shop!

This winter has been one of the dreariest weather-wise that I can remember. Whether you've been rained out or snowed in, day after day of cloudy skies and cold temperatures really takes its toll on your spirit. However, it is the winter blahs that makes the arrival of spring such a celebrated event!

Spring not only brings a renewal to the earth, but also a renewing of mind, spirit and, let us not forget, wardrobe! That's right- it is time start thinking past the dark colors, chunky sweaters and big boots, and to start thinking about brighter hues and lighter layers.

At The Denim Shop, our first new spring arrivals include updates to some of your favorite denim brands like the new Angel Wing Jean from Miss Me. It is a fresh version of one of our most popular recent styles. The unique angel wing design starts with a angel wing burnout on the yoke which is covered in tiny black rhinestones. We also have a new fleur de lis pocket style which is nearly sold out, a new cross pocket and two new western style Miss Me jeans.

Other new early spring arrivals include the Maddie Jean from Big Star, the new Hottie in Lumber from !iT Jeans, and new Yellow Box shoes! We'll soon be adding new Ed Hardy, Corky's and new Vintage Havana as well.

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  1. It is a nice outfit for the spring. Angel wing is one of my favorite. The wear seems to be a perfect fit.


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