Monday, February 8, 2010

Dress up your denim for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is notorious for making those of us not involved in a passionate new romance face the day with dread and loathing. However, you don't have to wait to have a hot date on schedule or for a guy to send you flowers and chocolates to indulge in this sweet holiday. Treat yourself instead! Go out with friends, buy your own box of chocolates, pay tribute to grade school by decorating cupcakes for friends or coworkers or buy a festive new top and accessories in celebration of V-day.

Personally, I love any excuse to buy and wear a red top, but Valentine's Day is a no-brainer! Red looks amazing with blue, black or gray denim, is easy to accessorize and flatters a variety of skin tones. For example, if you have pink undertones, stick with blue based reds like cherry, but tawny and olive undertones look better with brown based reds. Pinks work in a similar way. The key is to play up your natural skin tone instead of fighting against it.

My Michelle has introduced a feminine group of red, pink and gray tops as well as an adorable coordinating striped skirt. They have two halter like styles that are perfect for wearing to work with a jacket or My Michelle cardigan and then out to dinner with fabulous accessories instead of the jacket. Their striped skirt looks adorable with a fitted tee or layered cardigan. If you want a younger look, try My Michelle's hot pink baby doll top. In addition to these fabulous looks, you'll also find a few fun steals at The Denim Shop that would look fabulous for Valentine's Day as well.

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