Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jeans for a curvy body!

Those of us who have beautiful curves know that it can be both a blessing and a curse since they are often hard to dress! However, if you follow a few simple tips for choosing the right jeans, you see how amazing your curves can look!

If you have a curvy behind, you want to look for jeans that have a little stretch to allow a little give for your curves. Also, look for darker washes without a lot of fading and whiskers to give you a slimmer, more streamlined fit. Avoid wide set, oversized and undersized pockets as they will distort your behind and add visual pounds. One of our favorite jeans for a curvy behind is the Diva Jean by !iT Jeans. It fits snugly at the waist while allowing extra room in the behind and hips so that you don't have to walk around with jeans that have a huge gap at the waist.

Body types that are curvy all over look best in bootcut or wide leg styles. They create a lean look by balancing your upper half and giving you a "straighter" look. Avoid extreme styles like super skinny jeans and wide flares since they exaggerate your curves and will draw attention to all of the wrong places. If you want to wear skinny jeans, tuck them into a pair of chic boots to help add balance and make sure that they are not too tight. Also, stay away from lowrise jeans and instead opt for a midrise that will give you more coverage and help avoid the dreaded "muffin top." The Club jean from AG, Dream Diva from !iT Jeans and the Robertson jean by Paige are all designed with a curvy body in mind. For more curvy selections, you can email:

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