Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Perfect Accessory!

One of the hottest accessories this season is the flat clutch wallet like the one shown here from Fashion Express. This stylish wallet is less than an inch thick yet has a place for your cash, change, i.d., and credit cards.
Often our bags are so full of cosmetics, notepads, keys and all of our other essentials that trying to shove a bulky wallet into your bag can be a real struggle. Like an answer to a prayer, the slim silhouette of the clutch wallet slips easily into your bag, taking up almost no room at all. With its wide range of trendy colors and fabrics, the flat wallet is also a great accessory to carry alone when you don't want to tote a big bag. Because it has a price tag under $20, you can afford to have a stylish wallet for every day of the week. More styles and colors will be added soon.

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